Why we do what we do

Frank Creations' vision is to empower young people to lead positive change in an ever-altering society. We have recognised a gap of knowledge of insight which manifests itself in various ways with
students and graduates. More often than not, students are unaware of what happens behind the façade of politics, lobby machinations, diplomacy and more. Through masterclasses, traineeships, internships
and other presentations, Frank Creations makes an effort to make students aware of how the world works. The aspects mentioned above help and enable students to contribute to society in numerous ways. Frank Creations bridges the gap between young talents and experienced professionals, and by doing so gives the young generation fresh opportunities early in life. By interacting with experienced professionals, Frank Creations enables them to realise their potential, with their relative strong and weak points. Frank Creations provides students with the extra tools they might need to put to use in this ever-changing and challenging society.

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What we do

Frank Creations' mission is to bridge the gap between young talent and experienced professionals by educating them outside of the academic realm. We endeavour to network students and young professionals who are already engaged with the matters of international diplomacy, as well as environmental issues, global politics, art, history and sports, with experts from their respective field. Students are involved in the organisation of events, the presentation of ambassadors stationed in The Hague, as well as their interviews. The aforementioned gives them the ideal opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experience from skilled professionals, which they would not be able to obtain in academia or elsewhere.

Moreover, Frank Creations interns are given between 1 and 9 Masterclasses on diplomacy, economics and security taught by Mr Frank, based on his 34 years of diplomatic experience. Students are given protocol lessons, as well as recommendations concerning the literature comprising the essential information for one to be able to succeed in future professional life. They are further coached to write catchy motivational and job cover letters. By being introduced to various professionals from the diplomatic, media and business community, as well as the lobby circuit, students have the opportunity to broaden their networks, which ultimately leads to fruitful outcomes for both sides. This often results in an internship, traineeship, or in another beneficial cooperation that advances the students' path toward a successful career.

Past Frank Creations interns have obtained internships at diplomatic and consular representations of the Netherlands abroad as well as International Organisations such as the UN and the EU, and have been
accepted to various universities, including the University Panthéon-Assas in Paris, the University of Glasgow, London School of Business and Economics, University of Sorbonne, King’s College and several more. The activities organised for the students of Frank Creations include, but are not limited to, exclusive tours of the second chambers of parliament, introduction to members of the parliamentary press group, introduction to the online magazine ''Diplomatic World'', the Diplomatic Academy in Brussels, and the avenues of opportunities it provides, and, last but not least, the connection to IDUM, many research opportunities and summer classes. Several members are taken to the celebration of the national days of embassies in The Hague in residences of ambassadors, hotels and chanceries. Frank Creations has business contacts at the highest levels, and the organisation involves all members in whichever way they have chosen.

Who we are

Frank Creations is a non-governmental organisation based in The Hague which was founded on the 1st of January, 2018, by Mr Boy Frank, a former official in the services of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with more than 34 years of experience in the field. Frank Creations is made up of approximately 80% of students from all around the world who work as trainees or interns, a few advisors, and Boy Frank. The students contribute to the organisation by helping to maintain the website and social media accounts, conduct research on specific topics, write articles, interview ambassadors, and organise events at, among other places, the international press centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague. For their activities at Frank Creations, the interns are awarded credentials after a performance of 4 to 6 months.

Our Members


Boy Frank

Founder & CEO

Frank Creations was started as a project that connects students, both Dutch and international, with experienced and successful people by organising events, interviews, and by attending gatherings where effective networking can be realised. For these various activities, Frank Creations uses venues such as Nieuwspoort, Sociëteit de Witte and Huis van Europa, as well as residences of ambassadors stationed in The Hague and the various embassies. In this way, students and young professionals will not have to wait years to get a glimpse of the life of diplomats, members of parliament, and journalists. Frank Creations is also a staunch supporter in the fight for gender equality, from supporting the 10 year old Dutch chess prodigy Machteld van Foreest, to interviewing female ambassadors in the Hague to share their success stories. We also support IDUM, the International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions, and their push for public awareness and action to rid our oceans of munitions and pollution. We also take in active role in supporting entertainment, including saxophonist Zane Massey, XLR Entertainment, and others such as the American Book Center in the Hague. Frank Creation engages in all of these activities, while looking towards the future to adapt and change more in our world. Our motto is simple: we don't cross borders, we have none.

Chiara Barbeschi

Personal Assistant to the CEO

Rolinde Roijers

Presenter & Operational Manager

Laura Steel Pascual

Editor-in-Chief and ANV Project Manager​

Mark Könings


Mary Manukure

Legal Department Assistant and Intern​

Roxanne Hoenstok

Researcher & Presenter

Stefano Bravo

Assistant for Latin American Affairs & Mexico Correspondent

Esther Rumelin


Nynke van der Heide

Researcher & Presenter Eastern Europe

Mattanja Vogel 

Researcher & UK Correspondent

​Mesgen Amanov

Chess Correspondent

Terrance Patrick Long

Canada Correspondent

Willy van de Kerkhof

Special Advisor

Suzanne Edelkamp


Oleena Chaudhuri

Kolkata Correspondent

Christopher Abinader


Alieke te Slaa

Researcher & Event Organiser

Lauren ter Borg

Asia Correspondent

Alin van Kleef


Ishan Khurana

Strategy Consultant

Simone Vuurpijl


Ilse Valkering


Katinka de Jong


Joris van den Berg


Justine Wildöer


Mieke Zwemstra

Iran Correspondent

Chiara Dedeken


​Tizia Luisa Rong


Paul Milburn


Na Haby Stella Faye


Ronnie Cattier


Tim Brinkman


Verena Zimmer


Danique van Winden


Sanne van Putten


Ryan Perry


Anna Belle Hoenen

Kenya Correspondent

​Saifullah Ahmadzai

Afghanistan Correspondent

Joris Mansour


Laurens Sastrowijoto


Tarik Soliman Osman


Santiago Gonzalez Parra


Julia van der Ven


Cristal Samson

Founder and CEO of Eve Sushi

Yasaman Naji

Germany Correspondent

Nora Haitsma

Marketing Manager

Giorgi Demurishvili

New York Correspondent

Reni Raju

New Delhi Correspondent

Mariska Kaptein


Marit Buddenbaum

Children's Rights Expert

Lauren Griesedieck

Social Media and Website Manager

Maynara Gonçalves

Public ​Diplomacy Manager

Sander Lasschuijt

Project Manager

Camille Allegrini

Interviewer and Trainee

Naomi Fessehazion

Legal Intern

Stefi Gubbels

Public Relations Manager

Claire Lemaire


Callum Thomson

Researcher for Security Issues

Ryan Patterson

Website Designer 

Daphne Korsman

India Correspondent

Amanda Speks

Scandinavia Correspondent

Marufa 'Mithila' Bhuiyan

Asia-Pacific Correspondent

Samia Omar

Lebanon Correspondent

Akif Aliyev

Assistant Public Relations Manager

Arianna Canzi

Italy Correspondent & Researcher

Frank Lemmers


Clémence Emeriau

Bodyguard & Researcher

Daniele Todaro

Italy Correspondent & Researcher

Clotilde Sebag


Annick Teeuwen

Adviser for Equality Issues

Chandeni Bissumbhar

Junior Assistant

Zane Wayne Massey


Nina Sophie Vroom


Lars Benthin


Cathelijne Stikkers


Nina Chktetia

Georgia Correspondent

Nora Gosselink

Art & Culture Correspondent

Giulia Olenroot


Mariam Jeranashvili

Georgia Correspondent

Daniël Ellis 


Rajaa Gacem


Jannicke Martins


Kimia Midovoodi


Anne Rotteveel


Alexandra Grahm


Jose Mas Salcedo


Jochum Haakma

Special Advisor

Sabine Berendse

Caribbean Correspondent

​Denise Coenegracht

Australia Correspondent

​Wyteke van den Dool


Andrea Remes


​Quinten Tessel


Yara Vrolijks


Anano Beridze

Tbilisi Correspondent

Mahbuba Musayeva

Azerbaijan Correspondent

Tjaša Svetelšek


Julia Mesland

Brussels Correspondent

Robert V.


Elene Margalitashvili


Gian Luca Lana

Middle East Correspondent

Shannon van Shaeck Mathon

Public Diplomacy Manager

Tim Postema

Public Diplomacy Manager

Amber Smeets

Public Diplomacy Assistant

Majsa Storbeck

Presenter and Latin American Correspondent

Ben Murgatroyd

Researcher and Project Manager

Ida Dlugosz


Mathis Gilsbach

Visual Designer

Julia Streppel

Event Manager

Nina Jongejan


Asad Larik

Karachi Correspondent 

​Helmut Hetzel

Germany & Switzerland Correspondent

Indy Mellink

Visual Designer & Film Editor

Evita Bruin


Jacqueline Roodbaei

New York Correspondent

Fei Sun

China Correspondent

Andrei Cretu

IT Advisor

Melanie van Halteren

VR/AI/AR Strategist

Nastasia Luca

Presenter & Event Organiser

Tess van Emst

New Delhi Correspondent

Laura Cappetti


Nina Sophie Vroom


Lars Benthin


Woutje van Wiggen


Kseniia Maliuta


​Danai Kostoulas


Shailja Kanwar


Letitia Tudor


Kristine Kajaia

Georgia Correspondent

Dr. Khaled Al Aassar

Special Adviser

Assal Ebrahimpour


Fenja Krause


Alexander Burtscher


Veronica Conte


Sophie Verbroekken


Elise van Dansik


Conrad Lude


Eva Berger


Karen Dilrosun


Krithiga Narayanan


Sonny Hoogwerf


Julian de Knoop


Anastasia Sidamonidse

Chess Correspondent

Htay Aung

Myanmar Correspondent

Fatima Akchar

Founder and CEO of Rolmodellen Bureau

Rosy Intriago


Raphael Louis

Special Advisor

Maike Jansen


Masha Filipova

Serbia Correspondent

Elselien Steuenberg