Security  Masterclass

Learn about the impact of security around the globe, and its impact on diplomatic missions.

  • War zones explanations and definitions

  • The world before the fall of the Iron Curtain

  • Evacuations past and present

  • Security drills

  • EU cooperation abroad

  • Embassy compounds

  • The meaning of 'R&R'

  • Security in a moving convoy

  • Security vs. invisibility

  • Who can adapt to challenges and who can not

  • Role of bodyguards

  • The importance of communication

  • Special situations

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Millions of tons of dumped munitions rotting in the oceans

Frank Creations is devoted raising awareness for a number of environmental issues. One of these is the fact that there are millions of tons of dumped munitions rotting in the oceans, poisoning the fish stocks. For more information, please take the time to look at: