Den Haag

Global-minded event firm that organises, plans, and develops conferences, receptions, fashion shows, ceremonies, official events with dignitaries, and network events around the Netherlands.

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

19th-century up-scale hotel and conference centre on the beautiful North Sea in Noordwijk, hosting various events, conferences, receptions, ceremonies, networking events, and more.

International organisation dedicated to the clean-up and regulation of underwater munitions and the cleaning of our world's oceans.

International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions
Global Risks Consultancy

Frank Creations is proud to work with Global Risks Consultancy, an up-and-coming consultancy firm dedicated to advising companies and other organisations on complex global risks.

American Book Center

The largest centre for English-language books, magazines, and newspapers in the Hague that also houses events, debates, and presentations by well known authors,community leaders, and other influential figures.