Dutchie Living in the Big Apple

Jacqueline Roodbaei

Hi! I’m Jacqueline, a Dutch Business Analyst and Master’s student living in New York. After I graduated from my Bachelor in International Business and Languages in The Netherlands I started my career in Spain where I held the role as a Data Specialist and HR Adviser. I enjoyed the Spanish lifestyle, however opportunities for career growth are limited in Spain.

This role gave me a further understanding that I was ready for a more challenging job and

resulted in me looking for an alternative career with more challenging opportunities.

Gaining work experience and getting my Master’s degree in New York is a unique

opportunity which I was attracted to. After being interviewed for a few roles, I got accepted

for the role as a Business Analyst trainee at Citi Private Bank in New York. I also started my

Master’s at the University of Chester on the New York campus. I was delighted by this

outcome. New York for one year, working for a notable and established bank and getting my Master’s Degree’s met all my career objectives. Following my acceptance for this position I was expected to start work in New York within a few weeks. My immediate concerns included missing my family and friends in The Netherlands and Spain. Despite this, I was very excited to start this new challenging experience. I was ready for a new career in a new business, namely the Private Banking Business. I felt honoured that Citi accepted me as a Business Analyst, a role which would boost my Curriculum Vitae.

And here I am… 8 months later and I’m still in the city that never sleeps. I currently hold the

role of Business Analyst at Citi Private Bank (CPB). CPB provides tailored investments,

banking, finance and specialist services for ultra-high net worth clients and Law Firm Groups. Specifically, my role as a Business Analyst involves processing requests that I receive from the banking team whom I work closely with and analysing business processes. During this traineeship I will be expected to analyse and identify where improvements should be applied. Furthermore, I am involved in a number of projects that are focused on the improvement of processes, on both quality and efficiency.

Compared to starting my previous place of work with my traineeship at CPB has come as a

culture shock. Both organisations are complete opposites. I previously worked at an office in a small Spanish city called ‘Granada’ with approximately 1000 employees. Whereas CPB

has more than 10,000 employees. Furthermore, I did not only noticed clear cultural

differences within my workplace, but also outside of work. Especially, compared to South-

Spaniards: New Yorkers walk faster, talk faster and want to get things done faster.

As mentioned before I do not only work full-time, but I’m also studying for my Master’s

degree. This means that I work 40 hours during the week and go to class every Saturday.

However, I also want to enjoy my time here and make the most out of this year. I therefore

travel a lot. I’ve been to Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Rhode

Island, The Hamptons, Vermont and to Punta Cana. Besides travelling in the US, there is so much to do in the City; plenty of museums to visit, many parks to go to, many rooftop bars

and tall buildings to enjoy a beautiful view from.

Times flies when you’re having fun! I only have 4 months left before I head back to Europe

and there are still things I haven’t crossed off from my bucket list. However, this experience

has helped me a lot already, because I have gained professional and valuable life skills and I will use these skills to pursue my career path in Europe.

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