Frank Creations Newsletter 15.03.2021

March 15th 2021 - Karolína Hajná

Despite the current situation, Frank Creations is thriving, offering opportunities to university students wishing to gather experience from professionals in their desired fields. Making use of increased interconnectedness, a number of new interns residing in the Netherlands and beyond have joined, proving that borders are becoming more and more permeable.

With face-to-face interaction not yet possible, Frank Creations has organized a number of successful online projects, such as bi-weekly newsletters, presentations on climate change and a meeting with the Ambassador of Armenia. There, members of the team could interact with His Excellency, deepening their knowledge of the diplomatic profession. The upcoming Q&A on March 21 with the security advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Andre Morsman, offers yet another chance to look behind the curtain of a profession in civil service.

Frank Creations also offers many masterclasses to its members on subjects ranging from leadership to the history of diplomacy. Should the situation ameliorate and the measures adopted in face of the COVID-19 pandemic eased, these will resume to be given in person by Mr. Boy Frank.