Frank Creations is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in The Hague which was founded by Mr. Boy Frank, a former diplomat in the services of Dutch Foreign Ministry with more than 34 years of experience in the sphere. Frank Creations endeavours to network students and young professionals who are already engaged with the matters of international diplomacy as well as environmental issues, global politics, art, history and sports, with the experts from the respective fields.

The students are involved in events organisation, presentation of ambassadors stationed in The Hague, as well as interviewing them on film that gives them the ideal opportunity to gain a first-hand knowledge and experience of skilled professionals, which they would not be able to obtain in the academia or elsewhere. Moreover, Frank Creations interns are given between 1 and 9 Masterclasses on diplomacy, economics and security taught by Mr. Frank, based on his 34 years of diplomatic experience. They are not only coached for motivational and application letters for jobs, but also given protocol lessons, as well as recommendations in respect to the literature comprising the essential information for one to be able to succeed in the future professional life.

By being introduced to various professionals from the diplomatic, media and business community, as well as the lobby circuit, the students have the opportunity to broaden their networks, which ultimately leads to fruitful outcomes for both sides, often resulting in an internship, traineeship, or other beneficial cooperation that advances the students’ path toward a successful career. The past achievements of Frank Creations interns entail having obtained internships at diplomatic and consular representations of The Netherlands abroad, as well as the entry in universities in Paris and Glasgow.

In addition, the activities organised for the students of Frank Creations involve but are not limited to special tours of the second chambers of parliament, introduction to members of the parliamentary press group, introduction to Diplomatic World, Diplomatic Academy, and the avenues of opportunity it provides, and, last but not least, the connection to IDUM, many research opportunities and summer classes. A number of members are taken to the celebration of the national days of embassies in The Hague in residences of ambassadors, hotels and chanceries. Frank Creations has business contacts on the highest level, and the organisation involves all members in a way that they choose to. The students contribute by helping to maintain the website and social media accounts, conduct research on specific topics, write articles, interview ambassadors, and organise events. For their activities at Frank Creations, the interns are awarded testimonials after a performance of 4 to 6 months. Among other places, the international press centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague is the venue of many events organised by Frank Creations.

Morgana Barbeschi, Director for film and photography with Frank Creations

For inquiries please email me at: morganabarbeschi.work@gmail.com

Website: https://morganabxi.wixsite.com/morgana

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