President stressed Uzbekistan’s fight against COVID in his address to Parliament

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev

On 29 December 2020, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered a message to the Oliy Majlis (Parliament). The head of state summed up the results of the work done and outlined the priorities of domestic and foreign policy.

The President admitted that COVID pandemic made the year 2020 especially challenging for Uzbekistan, as it is the case for the entire world. “Humanity is undergoing a deep crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is obviously the biggest global disaster in a century”, the President has said.

According to the President, the pandemic is damaging the global economy in the amount of about $ 400 billion a month. To date, 500 million jobs have been lost worldwide. “Unfortunately, this calamity brought quite unexpected and tricky problems to Uzbekistan were exacerbated by natural disasters and man-made catastrophes in Bukhara and Sardoba”, he said.

From the initial days of the pandemic, the entire governance and management system, all medical institutions switched to emergency operation mode. “Within a brief span of time, about 30 thousand medical beds were organized across the nation. Healthcare institutions were provided with essential medicines, cutting-edge protection means and diagnostics equipment. Over 200 thousand medical workers, as well as 150 highly qualified doctors and specialists from abroad were engaged in combating the pandemic”, according to the Uzbek leader.

Over 600,000 Uzbek nationals around the world have been repatriated to Uzbekistan. “Assistance has been organized for about 100 thousand of our citizens who found themselves in difficult situation abroad”, Mr. Mirziyoyev has said.

According to the President, the state took comprehensive measures at a cost of around $ 8 billion to mitigate and eliminate the consequences of the pandemic. In particular, the Anti-Crisis Fund was set up under which over $ 1 billion was allocated from the national budget for measures to combat coronavirus, support the population and businesses. “Practical assistance was provided to state enterprises and more than 500 thousand business entities as well as almost 8 million citizens in the form of tax benefits, deferred repayment of loans and financial aid totaling $ 6 billion”, the President told in his address.

Within the framework of the national movement Compassion and Support, with the active participation of our generous compatriots, over 800 thousand low-income families received financial help for worth around $100 million. “The systemic actions we took promptly and in a timely manner allowed us to prevent widespread contagion of this dangerous disease”, the President has said to the Parliament.

In this regard, the President thanked the dedicated healthcare workers, entrepreneurs and concerned citizens who took active part in the national movement Compassion and Support. He also expressed gratitude to the top executives of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, international financial institutions, the leaders of Russia, China, the United States, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Germany and other countries for the practical assistance provided to Uzbekistan in countering the pandemic.

Fighting COVID and ensuring sustainable economic development of the country during post-pandemic period is expected to be a hot topic during forthcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan set to take place in 24 October 2021.

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