The burst of the Sardoba Dam on 1 May 2020 in Uzbekistan

It is noted that the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in the region Syrdaya on May 15.

Boy Frank, representative for The Netherlands of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, expresses his feelings of compassion for all the victims of the disaster caused by the burst of the Sardoba dam.

He has great respect for the way that the people of Uzbekistan got together in an effort to help the unfortunate victims.

The Head of State wasted no time and arrived at the scene of floods as soon as possible, to personally oversee the work that had to be done, an exemplary action.

In these tragic circumstances, the character of the people of Uzbekistan wad put to the test.

Unity, cooperation and empathy manifested itself.

Necessary and urgently required food, clothing, medicines and other things were provided to the victims.

Government agencies have already planned and taken action to restore and renovate damaged homes, and plans for new housing have been made.

The President communicated directly with all parties concerned, keeping a close and by everybody appreciated eye on things.

Restoration works in Syrdarya region will be completed until September 1.

Not only were thousands of houses destroyed and dozens of apartement buildings, but there was also flooding of apartment buildings. The infrastructure got a major blow. Electricity and other energy supply, as well as communication was partially destroyed.

The actions taken to make sure that the victims of the disaster would be helped as soon as possible were swift. The Head of State himself visited the affected region regularly.

Not only are there restoration works, but the living conditions are being improved and new jobs are being created.

Very many construction teams are involved with this mega operation of restoration. Sixty-five thousand of the ninety thousand were able to return to their homes. Different ministries, as well as the Uzbekistan national guard cooperated to make the operation a success.

The president himself made sure that the people affected were given urgently needed financial assistance, as well as gifts for different household appliances.

The whole operation, whereby the president played a major role, deserves admiration and is an example for other countries.

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